UHAC Rules


The goal of the UHAC is to cater to the 99% of hunters and archers… what ranges do a vast number of hunting shots take place within? What gear is frequently used by hunters? What is the relationship between time and accuracy requirements in many hunting situations? What will the vast majority of hunters/recreational archers in the country be willing to spend on participating in the sport?

Those are the questions the founders asked themselves and others throughout the process of developing the rules for the Ultimate Hunter. Hunting gear and technology constantly evolve, and we at UHAC keep a finger on the pulse of what we are seeing commonly deployed in the field by the vast majority of hunters, the 99%.

The full rule book, updated as of 3/7/2024, can be viewed as a pdf below:

UHAC Rule Book

UHAC Match Scoresheets, Score Reporting Form and UHAC Classifier Scoresheets can be downloaded here:

UHAC Match Scoresheet

UHAC Classifier Scoresheet

UHAC Score Reporting Form (MS Excel Format)

*UHAC is a new, rapidly evolving sport. As such, the rules will be reviewed annually, AND as significant changes are deemed to be warranted otherwise.