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Our Mission:

To provide entertainment value to as many people as possible, via an easily-accessible, hunting-based, competitive rifle sport. We have implemented stage design parameters intended to eliminate barriers to entry for the average shooter, a unique scoring system, and specific gear rules meant to build skills hunters may need in the field

The Ultimate Hunter Rifle Comp LLC was originally formed with just rifle competition in mind. However, as the sport developed and progressed, we began to wonder why we were limiting this hunting-based competition format to just rifles…

Thus, the Ultimate Hunter family of sports began to grow. Our scoring and stage format were easily adapted to accommodate Muzzleloader (UHMC) and Handgun shooters (UHHC). With the help from some of our bow-toting friends who both hunt and compete passionately, we have also developed a rule set for archers (UHAC). Finally we considered both new shooters, and the future of hunting & the shooting sports; youth shooters. Along with being a fantastic introduction to competition and realistic skill building for our new shooters & sportsmen, Ultimate Hunter Rimfire Competition (UHRF) is a ton of fun for a substantially lower ammo cost.

Now no matter what you take to the range or into the field, there is probably an Ultimate Hunter sport that you could show up and be competitive in.