2024 Ultimate Hunter Shooting Sports Championship

Welcome to the 2024 Ultimate Hunter Shooting Sports Championships!

These matches make up a 3 day, multi-discipline championship event held August 9th-11th. The full event includes all five UHSS (Ultimate Hunter Shooting Sports) disciplines: centerfire rifle (UHRC), archery (UHAC), rimfire (UHRF), handgun (UHHC) and muzzleloader (UHMC).

Competitors may participate in any and all of these events individually, or, they have the option to compete in all of them to win a high overall combined title: The Ultimate Hunter.

UHHS events are dynamic, timed, hunting-based sports that focus on using gear people frequently hunt with to hone skills that are crucial in real-life hunting situations. Speed and first-round accuracy both help your score, and this sport is truly a test of your ability to quickly build stable improvised shooting positions in natural terrain.

*Classification is not required to participate.
Registration links to each match can be found below:
To register to compete for the high overall combined title of “The Ultimate Hunter,” register for all five events, and enjoy a $150 discount!”