Upcoming Events

The Inaugural Casper Wyoming match

July 6th, the Platte River Rod & Gun Club will be hosting its inaugural UHRC match, presented by Wyoming Gun Company!

You can register HERE, and spots are already filling up!

Cameo Matches

All Ultimate Hunter matches held at the home club (Cameo Shooting and Education Complex in Western Colorado) Can be found at the Practiscore link HERE.

Using Practiscore requires creating a free account (which is quick and easy to do). From there, you can register, pay, and squad for the Ultimate Hunter Rifle, Rimfire, Archery, Handgun, and Muzzleloader matches!


During the warmer & dryer months of the year, at the request of the range (due to elevated fire dangers,) we will perform brief and non-invasive magnet tests on every UHRC competitor’s ammo prior to the start of the match.

What does this mean? We need you to present 4 or 5 rounds of the ammo you’ll be using, we wave a magnet over it, and viola, we can start shooting.

*This rule applies only at the Cameo Shooting and Education Complex